Polytunnel Planters now available to rent!

The much-anticipated planters in the new Polytunnel are now available to rent. Read on to find out more…


Key Facts
  • There are 12 planters available to rent for £10 per year.
  • The planters can be viewed in the image above, or in person at the Elfleda Road site.
  • One planter per member (unless demand is sufficiently low).

What are the benefits of Polytunnels?

Polytunnels provide several benefits, mostly centred around the fact that the climate inside them is warmer than outside throughout the year. That means it’s possible to grow a great number of different fruits and vegetables which would struggle outdoors – for example peppers, aubergine and even melons! This also means, of course, that the growing season for the regular British favourites can be extended too – you’ll have the ability to start sowing earlier in the year. In addition, produce grown in Polytunnels is sheltered from heavy rain, wind and frost.

Interested? Here’s what to do…

If you would like to rent a planter inside the Polytunnel for £10 per year, please email us at whitehill.allotment.society@gmail.com stating clearly your name and plot number.

Thanks for reading!